Durex Long Lasting Performa Lubricated Condoms(12 pack)


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Durex Performa Long Lasting Condoms contains a special lubricant inside the condom that helps to delay climax for men, pre-longing sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking. Just like other Durex condoms it is larger than regular condoms for extra comfort. Premium quality latex Performa condom is triple tested for maximum reliability. They provide a strong protection against AIDS and other STDs. 

– Durex premium latex performa condoms 

– Contain warming lube, non-spermicidal lubricant inside

– Give you prelong intense orgasms 

– Each condom has been tested electronically to guarantee reliability

– Expire 2-5 years from date of purchase

Package content: 1x Durex Long Lasting Performa Lubricated Condoms(12 pack)

Weight 55 kg

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