Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Up to 8% commission on every sale you make

IG provides you with:

*multi-level affiliate tracking with up to 3 levels

*30 days cookie duration

*No waiting for the third-party-approval

*Cash back in 24 hours when request approved

*Commissions can be used to exchange for NFS

*Professional affiliate management

*The most detailed information of all the sales

*The superior customer service for your questions

What are you waiting for? Join Us Now!

Steps are as simple as:

1 Register on

2 Become an Affiliate

3 Test Affiliate URL

4 Share Affiliate URL and wait for money.

Affiliate Level:

Affiliate Group Amount of orders you bring needed to reach this level Commission Rate
Starter $200/month 3%/1%/0% of the sales you make with multi-level affiliate
Standard $500/month 5%/2%/1% of the sales you make with multi-level affiliate
Premium $1000/month 8%/3%/1% of the sales you make with multi-level affiliate

You can choose to cash back or exchange for products with commissions, but cash back is available only when the amount of your commission reaches $100.


1. If you have your own website or forum and want to make money with us, we do suggest you to contact with us directly

We will offer you more appropriate ways to make money together.

2. IG will not be responsible for any problems caused by affiliates. All rights deserved by

Steps to get money back or exchange for products:

Please send email with the format below to: to request cash back or exchange. Our customer service will check your affiliate account and do the rest for you.

Affiliate account: (Email or username is ok)

Cash back: (Please fill in the amount of the money you want to get in cash)

PayPal Account Info: (Please fill in the information as detailed as possible for faster cash back processing)

Payment Time: You can request cash back any time when the amount of your commissions reaches $100. But please note that the commission will be added into your affiliate account only when there is no cancellation in 30 days after the order (You brought in with IG affiliate) made, which means you won’t get any commission if the transaction failed in 30 days.

Payment Method: PayPal Only.


Exchange for products: (Please fill in the link or the SKU number of the product you want)

Shipping address: (Please fill in the shipping address which you can receive the parcel)

Multi-Level Affiliate Program

IG supports multi-level affiliate tracking with up to 3 levels. With a multi-level affiliate tracking system, not only are your affiliates rewarded for sending direct sales to your web site, they also get rewarded for encouraging other affiliates to join your affiliate program. As an example, supposed:

John joins your affiliate marketing program and begins earning commissions as a level 1 affiliate.

John tells his friend Jane who has a related web site about your affiliate program.  He provides Jane with a link to join your affiliate program.  This link is produced by IG when John logs into his account.  This link identifies his unique Affiliate ID so he will get credit for referring Jane.

Jane follows John’s link and joins your affiliate program.  Jane now earns level 1 commissions on all sales made directly from her site.  John earns level 1 commissions on all sales from his site and also earns level 2 commissions on all sales from Jane’s web site!

Now suppose Frank comes along and joins your affiliate program after being referred by Jane.  Jane will earn level 2 commissions on all of Franks sales, and John will earn level 3 commissions on Franks sales.

Suppose these 3 affiliates are setup with the following affiliate commission structure:

Affiliate Level 1 Per Sale Commission Level 2 Per Sale Commission Level 3 Per Sale Commission
Premium John 5% 3% 1%
Standard Jane 5% 3% 1%
Starter Frank 5% 3% 1%

If Frank makes a sale worth $500 then he earns $25 (5%) in level 1 commissions,  Jane earns $15 (3%) in level 2 commissions and John earns $5 (1%)

in level 3 commissions.

The more you introduce to your friends, the more you earn.

FAQs of IG Affiliates:

Detailed steps of affiliate:

1. Go to your IG account. (NO IG account? Register here)

2. You will see “affiliate” on your dashboard.

3. Click “affiliate” and you will see the affiliate introduction page.

4. Click “Become an Affiliate” to join in and then it will direct you to your affiliate account.

5. We have offered the base URL which is used to track the sales and you just need to put that base URL in front of the link you want to promote. After successfully registed the Affiliate program, the link will be sent to your account in AFFILIATE PROGRAM like this

6. Once anyone makes order through your link or your multi-level  link, details of affiliate orders and your commissions will be showed on your affiliate account.

7. Wait for the money.

Why the money I got is less than the amount showed on my affiliate account?

PayPal will charge some handling fees during transferring, that fees will be reduced according to the amount of the money which is 2.9% of the amount plus $0.3 each payment.

If you choose to get money via bank transfer, the handling fee will be different according to different banks.

What channels can I use to make money?

We have steps on your account to tell you how to start your affiliate. With the channels you can use to promote, here are some suggestions:

A, Write reviews of the products you bought or post a review on the forum you are familiar with.

B, Cooperate with forums or websites you are familiar with.

C, Have video review on

Above are only some common ways to make money with IG affiliate, there must be more legal ways and better channels you can use. But please don’t forget to add the code we set so that we can track how many sales you make and calculate the commission for you. does not suggest and allow anyone or any party to use any illegal ways or activities to do affiliate. Also we will not be responsible for any problems caused by affiliates and all rights deserved by

How to calculate the cash I can get?

The cookies of the customers you brought through IG affiliate program will be kept for 30 days. If any customers you bring in via IG affiliate places an order and he/she doesn’t cancel the order in 30 days after the order made, then we will add the commission into your affiliate account, that is to say if he/she cancels the order in 30 days after the order made, the commission will not be counted into your account because the transaction fails.

But if any cancellation is caused by IG’s fault, we will be responsible for that and add the commission into your affiliate account.

What is frozen commission?

Frozen commission is the money held by IG for the order you bring in is made within 30 days. If any transaction brought in by the link you share is cancelled in 30 days, it will be regarded as invalid transaction, money deducted. If any transaction brought in by the link you share has not been cancelled in 30 days, transaction succeeds. And the frozen commission will become your real commission.

What are the meanings of the status on transaction history?

“Invalid” means the order cancelled in 30 days after it is created

“Pending” means the order is still on 30 days duration

“Valid” means the order succeeds and is not cancelled in 30 days

If you still have any problem or need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via:

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