Erotic Wireless Waterproof Vibrating Egg


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Take Erotic Ultra-portable Waterproof Wireless Egg Vibrating Massager to awake you in the morning shower, and start your wonderful energetic day! This vibrating bullet egg is discreetly sized, enables you to easily cradles to your palm or conveniently carry around in wallet/pocket, makes a great travel companion. 

The vibrating bullet sex toy features 20 vibration speeds to provide you the maximum amount of satisfaction. It varies in speeds from low to high, delivers from soothing to sheet-clutching different levels stimulations. 

20 vibration modes all controllable from a wireless remote. Simply place the egg against your nipples, clit or other erogenous zones and indulge yourself in 10m freely rolling around with deep overwhelming stimulation, or grasp the chance for your couples to get funky titillating pleasure.

– trendy premium waterproof vibrating bullet egg

– made from non-toxic material, safe to use

– streamlined appearance with user friendly design

– compact size, easy to hide and carry around

– 20 vibrationg modes brings you different levels of stimulations

– waterproof design enables you use in or out tub/pool

– adopted power-saving diode in vibrating egg chip, prelong the battery endurance

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Color: Yellow

Vibrating bullet size: length 75mm, diameter 32mm

Remote control size: length 87mm, width 33mm

Material: non-toxic safe material, environment friendly

Powered by: 2x AAA batteries 

Frequency: 20 frequencies

Feature: waterproof

Package content: 1x Erotic Ultra-portable Waterproof Wireless Egg Vibrating Massager 

Weight 86 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 7.5 × 3.2 cm


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Erotic Wireless Waterproof Vibrating EggErotic Wireless Waterproof Vibrating Egg

Availability: 5 in stock