12-Piece Foreplay Sex Toys Queen Deluxe Set


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  • Experience luxury with the Queen Luxury Collection set featuring 12 exquisite toys! Adorned with 18k gold accents, crafted from silicone, rechargeable via USB, waterproof, and irresistible! Get ready for an exciting journey!
  • Indulge in a collection of gold-trimmed erotic accessories fit for royalty! This box is curated for the most discerning individuals, offering a plethora of options to ensure satisfaction. From classic favorites to innovative delights, this set guarantees endless pleasure and excitement. Each piece is meticulously designed for both technical excellence and aesthetic allure, featuring a stunning blend of deep black and glistening 18K gold accents. With up to 12 carefully selected elements, this collection caters to every desire, ensuring comprehensive stimulation and fulfillment.
  • Designed for solo exploration or shared pleasure during foreplay, this 12-piece set offers a variety of sensations, including vibration, licking, sucking, and electronic stimulation. Crafted from luxurious velvety silicone and embellished with opulent 18k gold plating, these toys elevate your sensual experiences to new heights. Plus, they’re fully waterproof, allowing for adventurous exploration in any setting.
  • With an array of options to explore, this deluxe set promises unparalleled satisfaction time and time again.
  • Note: For added comfort, use a water-based lubricant. Prioritize hygiene by sanitizing the product before and after each use with cold water and neutral or antibacterial soap.

WALTER Made of super-soft silicone, the wand body massager is equipped with a large massage surface with vertical grooves to provide additional stimulation. The device offers buoyancy among 7 vibration functions.


OTIS –  Extremely quiet, touchless clitoral massager imitates oral caresses. It is equipped with 7 different suction functions. It has an ergonomic shape and a self-cleaning mode, making it easy to keep it hygienically clean.

ESTELLE  –  The pocket-sized clitoral massager with an up-and-down moving tongue provides an amazing sensation. It has 12 different modes that will work well for solo play as well as foreplay.

DOUBLE PLEASURE – A vibrator with a classic bunny , whose ears cover the clitoris, is made of super-soft silicone. Its surface is not only extremely pleasant to the touch, but also its shape is soft and plastic, thanks to which it fits perfectly anatomically to the body. It is equipped with 7 vibration modes.

WILBUR – The oval bunny vibrator is also made of super-soft silicone that imitates real human skin. To maintain the impression of contact with a real human body, it has a function that allows it to be heated to 48°C. The device offers a choice of 12 vibration functions

DIANA – Made of super-soft silicone, the vibrator with a suction function offers the user an amazing experience in the form of simulating oral intercourse. The delicate effect of kisses on the clitoris with simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot with vibrations guarantees satisfaction. The device has 12 vibration modes and 12 suction functions.

HIRAM – The vibrator-massager is made of super-soft silicone. The specially profiled tip allows for optimal stimulation of the G-spot. Its powerful engine has been programmed to offer a choice of 30 intense vibration and pulsation modes.

ALGERNON – The Vibrator for couples will work not only during foreplay, but will give pleasure to both partners during intercourse, transferring vibrations to the penis and giving the feeling of more contact sex. The device is controlled by a remote control, has 12 vibration modes and a function to remember the selected mode.

LRIS – The vibrating vaginal egg with a stimulating texture in the form of elongated lines not only vibrates in 7 different modes but also has 3 modes of electric pulse stimulation. The device is controlled by a handy remote control.

SANDY – Aluminum balls, coated with a layer of 24K gold, in a coating of super-soft silicone will perfectly train the Kegel muscles for better orgasms. The 26g and 36g weights will give many health benefits.

HERMOSA – The vibrating anal plug with balls has 12 different modes. The successive balls vary in diameter, making the sensations greater with each one. Super-soft silicone and a very powerful motor are a combination that guarantees a positive experience.

ARIANNA –  The anal dildo will increase pleasure during masturbation and sex, reaching many hidden nerve endings in this part of the body. Made of medical silicone, the dildo is 15.5 cm long.


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12-Piece Foreplay Sex Toys Queen Deluxe Set12-Piece Foreplay Sex Toys Queen Deluxe Set

Availability: 88 in stock