Semi-entity Inflatable Blow Up Dolls

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It seems every man has his own type of dreamlike girl, but one thing they care in common is that the girl must be with good-shaped figure: slim body but with gigantic boobs. You might have once passed her by on the street or much luckier have worked together with her for a while, but anyhow do not have the chance to have intimate contact with her, it is always a dream that could not come true in your heart. 

IntimateGadgets launches a series a life-like luscious blow up inflatable dolls, not to take place of your physical girlfriend, but for emergency usage. The gorgeous babe has typical Japanese girl style black hair, 3D face with soft lips, a deep throat and big busts, although at first glance she may look like a bit of a tart she’s really quite romantic. Now live all your dreamgirl fantasy with her. 

This blow up adult inflatable doll is semi-entity: entity foot and hand and inflatable body part. She has implanted realistic hair like real person, or if you do not her current hair just buy her your favourite wig make her up like you want, so does her clothes.  

This adorable inflatable sex toy is made from premium PVC soft silicone, realistic skin flesh color and elastic like the real skin, safe to use. Your expected melon busts are right there at your face, inject it with warm water or not you will get the real skin touch feeling, rub it out and soon your pant will get wet. Not to mention the low, choking moan she gives out. What are you waiting for, take off you pants and thrust your dick in her wet mouth to start your mind-blowing predatory lovemaking.

– Japanese girl fantasy inflatable blow up doll

– with a realistic 3D face and gigantic tits for your pleasure

– with entity foot and hand, with forked toes

– made from premium PVC soft silicone

– realistic flesh skin color and touch feeling

– inject busts with warm water to get much greater touch feeling

– matched with real low, choking moan

– note: inflate 80% of her body to insure longer lifespan



Height: 162cm

BWH: 86cm, 63cm, 88cm

Material: PVC soft silicone gel genital, mouth and nipple

Bearing load: 300 pound force(135kg)

Net weight: 2.55kg

Features: quite large soft breasts, real lovemaking low choking moan

Package content: 1x Semi-entity Inflatable Blow Up Dolls;

1x live vocal apparatus and vibration Love egg;

1x inflatable pump;

1x lube;

1x rubber patch;

1x vaginal and anal mold;

1x Heating rod

Note: 1.Package will be not included any clothes.

        2.Please contact with the customer service before payment, we will let you know the lowest EMS postage.

Weight 2600 kg


Net Weight

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Semi-entity Inflatable Blow Up Dolls
Original price was: $75.69.Current price is: $69.99.

Availability: 28 in stock

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