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The Fantasy Egg for Him (1 Pcs) - Assorted





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Package content: 1 pcs Fantasy Egg (Assorted)

The Fantasy Egg for Him (Wavy) 

Let the Wavy Egg guide you to wave after wave of intense pleasure. Designed with a set of grooves shaped like waves, the depeer you plunge into a Wavy Egg the more pleasure you get out of it. The egg comes with its own package of lube and is ready to go as soon as you unwrap it. Check out the pictures below to see the steps you go through to use the egg.  

The Fantasy Egg for Him (Micro Wavy)

For ages silk has been sought after by kings and conquerors as one of the finest fabrics that man has ever created. That all changes now with the Tenga Silky Egg. Unwrap this silicone egg and use the lube included to get it ready. Then slide yourself in and feel one of the best sensations you'll ever feel around your penis. As you feel the silky sensation from the ribbed spool of silicone silk slide over you, you'll start filling with delight. 

The Fantasy Egg for Him (Swirl)

The swirl's unique silicone interior is styled and sculpted to give you maximum pleasure when sliding in and out of it. The material can stretch to fit any size so that you feel every step of ribbing. The diagonal soft edges will rub against you just right and the lube that's included makes it that much better. 

The Fantasy Egg for Him (Clicker)

Sliding into the Clicker Egg you get a feeling like there are a bunch of tiny pleasure beads in there massaging you with each thrust you take. That's because inside of each Clicker Egg there are dozens of bumps and small nubs that will make your experience amazing each time you try one. Just unwrap the egg and use the small package of lube that you will find inside. Then it's just a matter of stretching it around yourself and enjoying it, click by click. 

The Fantasy Egg for Him (Spider)

The Spider Egg is a silicone egg that is ribbed for your pleasure. The design of the inside of the egg was influenced by a spider's web, starting out narrow at the top and then expanding as it goes down. The egg comes with its own package of lube that is already in the egg, you just have to unwrap it, open the package of lube, squirt it in and you're off. You'll love the way the side of the egg feels pressed against your member as it expands and stretches to fit you perfectly. 

The Fantasy Egg for Him (Volution)

The Volution Egg isn’tlike any other male sex toy. The twisting and ribbed sensation it gives you adds a whole new dimension to male sex toys. Now not only will you feel sensation going up and down but the twisting design makes it so that you feel sensation running from left to right and around. But that's not all! The Volution Egg is also ribbed inside to increase the sensation even more as it stretches and fills while you use it. 

  • Dimensions 2.6 in x 2.52 in x 0.16 in (6.6 cm x 6.4 cm x 0.41 cm)
Anat I

scrambled egg

The egg is nice and fun but it ripped on first use/
In addition the wrapper of the egg arrived torn from delivery.

Notwithstanding this is a fun toy that gets the job done.

Ignacio R

amazing toy, the price its mo than affordable, and it feels good

looks very good quality.
came with lub, but only for one time..
feels very good

Tomas R


- Low price
- Simple, very easy to use
- Convenient toy, nice design
- Egg dries very fast
- Good texture, nice feeling when you put on your cock :)

shlomi Z

i try for fun and..

it's not a perfect but it's o.k
mybe other are better to use then thies type ,

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The Fantasy Egg for Him (1 Pcs) - Assorted

The Fantasy Egg for Him (1 Pcs) - Assorted

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