Simulation uterine inverted masturbation (3rd generation)


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Material: SRFS
Size: 6.3 in *4.3 in *5.7 in
Weight: 1.3LB

1. Unique bladder design can store lubricating liquid, flowing out of the urethral mouth by squeezing, simulating the kinky water flowing out when the woman’s estrus,
2. Dual -channel design, you can get overcast or anal sex,
3. Realistic uterus design can make you easily insert and make you feel that you have been inserted to the end.
4.With ovarian ducts. Simulating the real ovary, which can be used by the ovaries at both Ends
5. Please clean the internal channel of the product after use, and keep it dry,
6. Please take it out after use.

7. Jumping eggs use No. 7 battery.

Model: MF22-1,Hairless
Model: MF22-2,Hairless +Jumping egg
Model: MF22-3,Hairiness
Model: MF22-4,Hairiness +Jumping egg


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Simulation uterine pouring masturbationSimulation uterine inverted masturbation (3rd generation)
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