Simulation of the Female Pelvis Uterus


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Experience the epitome of intimate pleasure with our Simulation of the Female Pelvis Uterus. This exceptional device has been meticulously crafted to transport you to unparalleled heights of satisfaction. Discover a world of sensual delight with its extraordinary features.


  1. Innovative Pelvic Appearance Design: Featuring a unique female pelvic appearance, this simulator stores lubricant, releasing it with a squeeze to simulate female secretion during moments of high passion.
  2. Dual Channel Pleasure: Offering both vaginal and anal experiences, the dual-channel design caters to a variety of fantasies, ensuring versatile and endless pleasure.
  3. Realistic Uterine Sensation: Designed for effortless penetration, the realistic uterine structure provides an unbelievably lifelike sensation, enhancing overall satisfaction.
  4. Internal Heating Function: The internal heating function, powered by a built-in 200 mAh lithium battery, reaches a soothing 40 degrees Celsius to mimic body temperature, providing a warm and realistic experience.
  5. Sensor Sound Design: With four language options (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese), the internal pronunciation device emits pre-set moaning sounds upon sensing penetration, adding an auditory dimension to the experience.
  6. Powerful Vibration: Equipped with two 12-frequency vibrating eggs, the device offers intense three-dimensional vibration stimulation, delivering mind-blowing pleasure.


  • Hygiene Maintenance: To ensure lasting hygiene and prolonged enjoyment, remember to thoroughly clean the internal channel after each use and keep it dry.
  • Vibrator Removal: For your convenience, the vibrator can be easily removed after use.Note: Please remove the vibrator before cleaning the product.heating plug TC hole is not waterproof, please pay attention when cleaning the product.
  • Material: SRFS
  • Size: L: 9.8in W:8.3in H: 5.9in
  • Vaginal depth: 5.8 in
  • Anal depth: 5.9 in
  • Weight: 4.9LB

Type A: Classic non-porous model (no induction sounding no vibration no heating)
Type B: Vibrating hairy model (no induction sound and no heating)
Type C: Sensor sound + vibration + heating hairy models





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Simulation of the Female Pelvis UterusSimulation of the Female Pelvis Uterus
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