Realistic 36D Fleshy Breast & Vagina Masturbators


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Bring your fantasies to lift with this super-realistic sex doll with pert 36DD breasts.Caress her beautiful flash torso and delve into her delicously ribbed vagina for intense climaxes galore.

Soft and fleshy,but hard in all of the right places,realistic male masturbator has been designed for hands-free pleasure.Her boobs are gorgeously pert and round with perfect nipples that roll between your finger tips.

Stroke,caress,tweak and suck the inviting erect nipples of these beautifully full,firm and pert 36DD flesh breasts,Lube yourself up and then push through the smooth real-feel cleavage for an orgasmic finish.

This amazing toy is one of the most realistic dolls available.Everything from her defined musculature to her silky smooth skin feels just like the real thing.Add a perfectly-cast pussy with juicy lips and superbly-detailed clitoris,inner labia and you couldn’t ask for a more lifelike experience.Both her inviting vaginal holes lead to a finely-textured canal that grips and slips around you with every thrust,massaging you to a hard orgasm.The underside of the doll features a hole that makes cleaning a cinch,and the whole toy waterproof- so it can be warmed in a hot waterh bath for an even more authentic feel.

This superbly lifelike toy features a delicate collarbone and firm shoulders to hold onto as you thrust.A flat base allows you to position her on any steady surface.Try placing her on your bed and kneeling above her.Altematively,position her upright and stand upright.Using plenty of water-based lube,slide your manhood into her lovely cleft,enjoying the wonderfuk feel of her lifelike flesh.

-Included One-speed Bullet Vibrator (Powered by 3 x LR44)

– Beautifully modelled and detailed breasts

-Smooth Real-feel Flesh Material

-Perfecty cast and intensly textured vagina


It is quite normal that there is some oil and powder on the surface of products. 

The powder is used to anti-moist while the oil could protect silicon sticking. Thank you.

Material: Real-feel Silicone

Length: 21cm/8.3″


Weight: 1442 g

Package Dimensions: 25*18*10.5cm 

Weight 1498 kg
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Realistic 36D Fleshy Breast & Vagina MasturbatorsRealistic 36D Fleshy Breast & Vagina Masturbators