Newest Funzone Mini Juicy Ribbed Stroker – Kiwi


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Get yourself secret intense orgasm experiences with this mini masturbator! Newest from FunZone is the Juicy Mini 

Male Masturbator, Kiwi. This super soft mini stroker has a textured interior that feels realistic. 

It’s made of supple Love Skin material and waterproof for self-pleasure anywhere.

The flavored ribbed stroker specially comes in fabric net, bright aesthetic clothing, and a handle part. Can’t help hesitating to tear the package and treat yourself? But wait a sec, if you want to hang store your cute sex toy, there is trick to open it from the handle part in just two gentle movements — squeeze the base of handle then push(make sure the dual bumps be pushed in)
Peel the outer layer, there come the white egg on a steady base.

Then crack open the shell to reveal a textured sleeve and a single packet of sex lube that’s ready and raring to go. 

Turn inside out, you will see its intertwined delicate ribs. It is the part you need to apply sex lube to. It could be used a couple of times if handled and cleaned carefully.

Tips: Lubricate the interior by directly dripping in several drops of included sex lube before use, or if you want the egg to be evenly wet, try to first apply lube on your palm and dip your masturbator interior carefully.

Turns out it is just a 7cm high dirty little thing, compact but definitely could develop and expand your vast sexual potential. Perfect die-cut exterior make sure your sleeve could be stored after rinse for next time.

If you want to know more about the it, just go to our youtube channel to watch video about the test of this product:

Height: 2.76 inch 

Width: 1.77 inch

Depth: 1.77 inch

Weight 50 kg

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Newest Funzone Mini Juicy Ribbed Stroker - KiwiNewest Funzone Mini Juicy Ribbed Stroker – Kiwi