FunZone Vulcan Ripe Anus Male Masturbator Stamina Training Sleeve + Long Lasting Water Soluble Massage Lube – 60ml


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FunZone Vulcan Ripe Anus Male Masturbator Stamina Training Sleeve (Blue +White)

Do you ever think about how to improve sex techniques or to develop your partner’s orgasm potential to get your 

intimate life to the next level? Choose this Vulcan Ripe Anus masturbator achieve your full, vast, expanded sexual 

potential and enjoy the most extraordinary intimate relationships with your lover. Simulation flesh color springy 

lady butt with sensual skin texture, and inner granular tunnel anus, brings you more illusions, more stimulations 

and more motivations… Easy to clean-up removable sleeve, can be multiply used.

FunZone Vulcan Ripe Anus Male Masturbator is a new trendy sex toy for men, specifically designed to replicate the incredible sensation of backdoor sexual intercourse and as a stamina training tool to help you find your rhythm and obtain peak sexual performance.

Open the discreet package you received from IntimateGadgets you will find the brand new FunZone Vulcan Ripe Anus Stamina Training Sleeve.

The original Funzone Vulcan masturbator sleeve always get detailed instruction on back of the product.

Peal the outer layer: if you want the stroker to be still with complete fresh looking package, try to gently tear or cut from the sealing line, then peal along the dotted line.

Secretly open the cap in your bedroom, in case the vibrant appearance instantly get you erected. The sexy ripe vagina will pop up in front of you, pinch it to sense the life-like supple and succulent touch feeling.

Turn inside out, the 360 degree floating buns is exquisitely positioned on the anus interior tunnel.

Lube up the arousing vagina sleeve, indulge in the intense ball-draining orgasms while experiencing the most pleasurable training possible.

After use, pull off the sleeve from the cup and flush the masturbator with warm, soapy water through the open ends and rinse it clean. For thorough clean you could turn inside out to deal with it. Let it dry naturally.

Besides the sensual nude vagina masturbator above in the middle – naked lust, moderate tightness, intense and greedy, you must be curious about the other two different color anus. The clear one is just like pure and innocent young lady, her fresh anus will suck your dick tightly, with it your mind-blowing orgasms are always available; about the white one you can refer to the experienced lady, she will allow your entire dick to easily thrust in/out of her anus, and will play out all her tricks to treat you best, if you want comfortable pleasure, it is the one. Appears in the same form, but each is with their own “skills” to rock your socks off.

See How to use FunZone Masturbators Anus series? on youtube.

Long Lasting Water Soluble Massage Lube – 60ml

-Water-based gel,long time lubricating,non-greasy.

-Can be used in a daily basis to help prevent vaginal dryness.

-Safe for all your sex toys 

-Non-irritation, available for men and women

-Great for body massage, vaginal,oral & anal sex.  


Package content:

1x FunZone Vulcan Ripe Anus Male Masturbator Stamina Training Sleeve

1 x Long Lasting Water Soluble Massage Lube – 60ml

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