Female Excited Enhancement Gel – 30ml


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This product contains L-arginine,menthol nature latex.Spreading it on the clitoris and gently massage it can produce nitric oxide pathway.It can slightly stimulate the clitoris tissue sensitive area to make female sexual orgasm erecting and exciting,enhancing the sensitivity,help women to reach orgasm.Nitric Oxide Pathway can extremely quickly awaken the woman sexual dsire,makes the cerebra naturally release hormones,balance the women’s health.


1 Reduce vagina peculiar smell

2 Increase women  female hormones

3 Lubricate dry vagina moisturize complexion

4 Maintain body curve

5 Postpone menopause

6 Restraint vagina tularemia,increase immunity

7 Help sleep peacefully,and increase secretion

Formula: L-Arginine,menthol,propanediol,hydroxyethyl cellulose,camphor oil etc.

Volume: 30ML

Weight: 61 g/2.2 oz 

Weight 71 kg



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