Okamoto 003 Real Fit Condoms (10 pack)


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Guinness World Records is known worldwide, has any of them happens around you? Whatever now you have the chance to try out the bestowed thinnest condom Okamoto 003 Real Fit, and let us know how it feels like. 

Zero Zero Three is one of the finest condoms available in the market. Okamoto struggled to challenge the manufacturing techniques required to make a fine yet strong latex condoms. Zero Zero Three has realized a big advancement in the manufacturing process. This Real Fit condom is soft and fine, realized an ultra tight feeling. 

Real Fit cutting – The shape of Okamoto 0.03 Real Fit is designed according to the men’s penis, which gives you and your partner a real feeling of LOVE. 0.03 Real Fit, fits your head. The teat is also removed from the condom design. You don’t have to squeeze the air bubble before using it so that it is more hygiene. Odour masker Manufactured with the unique Okamoto technology, protein and water soluble materials in latex will be removed to cut the irritating smell of a condom. 

Easy distinguishable inside out design – The touch of inside-out (male side and female side) are different so that you can tell which side to put on the condom even in a dark environment. Ultra fine, feels like nothing at all Zero Zero Three is just 0.03mm thickness, it feels like nothing at all and really fits you. The real fit shape make it just like another skin of yours to increase feeling during love making. Safety, comply to Japan Industrial Standard It is fine, yet strong and reliable. All okamoto condoms are tested to comply with the JIS T9111-1:2000 standard.

Brand: Okamoto(0.03)

Color: Natural

Shape: Real Shaped 

Quantity : 10 pack

Dimension: Width 52mm ± 2mm, Length 190mm ± 20mm, Thickness : 0.03mm

Expiry date : 5year (5 Years from date of manufacture)

Package content: 1x Okamoto 003 Real Fit Condoms (10 pack)

Weight 80 kg


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