Okamoto 003 Platinum Condoms (10 pack)


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Enjoy the maximum sexual pleasure with this Okamoto 003 Platinum Condoms. The Guinness World Records holding 0.03mm thickness will not even make you sense its existence during couple fun time.  

As Japan No1 Selling Condoms, IntimateGadgets introduce this Okamoto 003 Platinum Condoms – the newest member to the 003 “Thinnest Latex Condoms” series. Shaped to Fit Closer 003 Aloe is specially manufactured to conform to a more natural shape. This provides for a closer fit for maximum sensation and comfort during love-making. 

003 Thin: The Thinnest Latex Condom for Maximum Feel Big advancements in our manufacturing 

processes have allowed us to develop a condom made with a special latex compound that is half the 

thickness of normal latex condoms, providing for maximum feel. 

Easy On 003 Platinum has been manufactured so that it unrolls smoother than normal latex condoms, 

allowing the user to put the condom on quickly and more securely. No More Rubber Smell Technology 

unique to Okamoto has allowed us to remove protein and water soluble materials in the latex used 

for manufacturing of the condoms. This means that the strong latex smell that is present in many 

other brands of condoms is absent in Okamoto 003 Platinum condoms. 

– Okamoto Condoms 003 Super Thin Condom

– 0.03mm thickness, the thinnest condom in the World

– No More Rubber Smell

– Shaped to Fit Closer

– Okamoto 003 is the most popular series 

– Contain non-spermicidal lubricant, silky smooth

– With easy-on shape and reservoir tip to ensure nothing but intensely good times

Brand: Okamoto(0.03)

Color: Natural

Shape: Straight 

Quantity : 10 pack

Dimension: Nominal Width 52mm ± 2mm, Nominal Length 190mm ± 20mm, Thickness : 0.03mm

Expiry date : 5year (5 Years from date of manufacture)

Package content: 1x Okamoto 003 Platinum Condoms (10 pack)

Weight 80 kg


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Okamoto 003 Platinum Condoms (10 pack)Okamoto 003 Platinum Condoms (10 pack)
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