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Do Sex Toys Enhance a Relationship, or Damage It?

  In the realm of intimacy, couples are increasingly exploring the use of intimate gadgets to spice up their relationships. The question arises: do these tools strengthen the bond between partners, or do they pose a threat to the traditional dynamics of a relationship? Intimategadgets, ranging from discreet vibrators to advanced couple-oriented devices, have gained …

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Discover the World of Intimate Gadgets?

Discover the World of Intimate Gadgets?

Introduction:   Intimate gadgets have been around for centuries. From the time of the ancient Greeks to the modern-day, humans have been inventing gadgets to enhance their intimate experiences. The advancements in technology have paved the way for a whole new world of intimate gadgets that are discreet, innovative, and designed to provide maximum pleasure. …

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What Will Happens When VR Goes to the Extreme Danger?

Dangerous VR new world:

The year 2016 has been known as the first year of the VR by insider. This year, VR technology has made great progress, however, even if VR technology has shown its tremendous application prospect in education, entertainment, office and other fields, it still contains some very serious problems behind all these achievements. A bad VR experience might make you queasy, more seriously, it might even lead to user’s death. Below, we choose some VR technology go to the very wrong extreme examples.

Will Mobile Phone Kill Sperm? A Student Designed the Anti Radiation Underpants to Protect Important Parts

Mobile phone will release radio waves, and if the use of intelligent machines will cause the problem of infertility in men or not, has been controversial in the scientific community. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that experts say intelligent machine radiation does not kill sperm, radio wave energy is not enough to cause male infertility, and French students designed four special angle pants to protect men from harm.

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