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Topco Sales founded in 1972 is one of the largest sex toy manufacturers in the world. With a history of delivering groundbreaking, quality products, Topco Sales is responsible for some of the most noteworthy sex toys spanning almost forty years. The list includes:
The first battery-free integrated circuit (I.C.) operated vibratorsThe lightweight Virtual GirlThe world-famous Love SwingSex Tarts tangy lubricantsThe Love MachineThe Private Dancer Stripper Pole
Topco Sales is known for housing some of the most popular brands on the novelty market. TLC, Wildfire, Penthouse Toys, Climax, Cyberskin and Virtual Sex are just a few names under the Topco Sales’ family.
The company is headquartered in Simi Valley, California and is one of the only FDA registered facilities in the adult industry.

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