Quadruple Stimulation Silicone Posterior Pull Beads


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this silicone anal puller set will bring you more pleasure and stimulation than ever before.

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Product Features:

SOFT RESILIENCE: Made of soft silicone, these balls are soft and resilient, and can be bent and contorted to provide you with a comfortable experience.

Expansion: The balls expand and contract rapidly each time they pass through the anus, providing instant expansion and an explosion of stimulation.

Full Anus: The full, rounded design of the Anus Puller Ball fills and fills the anus when it is inserted, and the pleasure of pulling it out in a flood of pleasure.

Five balls in a row: Five balls in a row, each bringing a different level of stimulation, allowing you to experience a different kind of pleasure.

Multi-Angle Stimulation: These beads not only stimulate the posterior, but also stimulate the A-spot, G-spot and private parts from multiple angles to fulfill your multiple desires.


Product Specifications:

Material: Silicone
Size: as shown in the picture

Four styles include:

Style 1. Small Threaded Ball Puller: Suitable for beginners, progressive experience, easy to enjoy the stimulation journey.
Styles 2. Advance pull beads: step by step to increase the intensity of stimulation, to meet the challenge of users seeking the pursuit of the ultimate stimulation.
Style 3: Curved Center Ball: New sensation ball into the center of the big explosion, intense pleasure, the first choice for seeking orgasm.
Style 4. Pelletized Orb Enlargement Puller: An advanced, fancy experience, the third and fifth orb surfaces are covered with soft pellets for the ultimate in backyard pleasure.

Note: Use with plenty of lube!

Quadruple Stimulation Silicone Posterior Pull Beads Quadruple Stimulation Silicone Posterior Pull Beads Quadruple Stimulation Silicone Posterior Pull Beads




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Quadruple Stimulation Silicone Posterior Pull BeadsQuadruple Stimulation Silicone Posterior Pull Beads
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