The function and maintenance of vibrating eggs-1

Jumping Egg is a kind of love product that has only recently emerged. Many friends are using it, especially those who are dissatisfied with sex. So how much is a waterproof jumping egg? Let me introduce it to everyone.
Waterproof jumping egg is a mini, waterproof, silent, high-touch waterproof shocking egg. The fuselage is made of brand new tactile boring touch, the shape of the shaking egg is longer, and the operation is easier.

Adjustable four kinds of vibration strength, all of them are waterproof, easy to operate, high tactile and quiet, strong vibration force. The fuselage is made of new tactile materials and uses two AAA batteries. Now the price of waterproof jumping eggs is more expensive, generally more than 50. So if you want to buy, I suggest you go to a regular pharmacy to buy it.

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