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The Animal World " Indecent Love Affairs" - the Japanese Macaque and the Deer Mated

The Animal World

Cross species can also be mated! According to BBC reports, Kyushu Japan appears the animal wonders, a male macaque maybe with strong sexual desire, even ride on the back of a doe, and make the "piston" action, it is really wonderful.

You can see from the film, a stone monkey suddenly jumped up into a deer on the back, then the arm swing, apparently sexual acts.

Then, the monkey seemed to ejaculate on the back of the deer, and then jumped down after the vent. On the other hand, the deer is constantly licking his back, trying to lick the semen.

monkey and deer

monkey and deer

According to reports, this picture was taken in November 2015, the researchers saw the monkey at least trying to have sexual intercourse with two deer, at that time,it is the breeding season in macaques.

The macaques, also called snow monkeys, often appear in the hot springs of snow day, and coexist with the deer. It had been observed that snow monkeys will grooming for deer , or ride on their backs, purely for fun.

monkey and deer

monkey and deer

Picture photographer Alexandre Bonnefoy pointed out that the monkey made about 15 minutes of the mating action in the deer on the back. According to the letter, it is in a low social status of monkey world.

monkey and deer

monkey and deer

Tue, 17 Jan 2017

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