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Discover the Secrets of Fat Cell Regeneration,It is Expected to Bid Farewell to the Human Skin Wrinkles

Discover the Secrets of Fat Cell Regeneration,It is Expected to Bid Farewell to the Human Skin Wrinkles

British media said, as scientists find ways to allow fat cell regeneration, wrinkles may become a thing of the past. Fat cells make skin look younger.

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" website reported on January 8th, the scientists said that the breakthrough of the new discovery will not only bring exciting anti-aging therapy, but also for the realization of wound healing without scar paving.

Skin usually contains fat cells. But in the process of scar formation, the fat cells will be lost. In addition, fat cell loss is also the result of aging.

One of the reasons for the permanent wrinkles on the face of the old man is lack of fat cells.

The laboratory studies show that the hair follicle hold the key to maintaining a smooth skin without scarring, because they will release an important signal molecule called bone morphogenetic protein (BMP).

Scientists have found that BMP directs the formation of scar cells, muscle cells, into fat cells.

Professor George Kocarrellis, chief scientist of the study, the University of Pennsylvania said: "In fact, we can manipulate the process of wound healing, and to make the skin regeneration, not scar."
He said: "It is generally believed that muscle fibroblasts can not become another cell. But our work shows that we have the ability to influence these cells, which can be efficiently and stably transformed into adipocytes."

The researchers tested the process in mice and human scar tissue cultured in the laboratory.Kocarrellis said that while the focus of the study was on scarring, the results of the study, published in the journal Science, have broader implications.

He pointed out that the loss of fat cells is a common complication of HIV infection, but also the natural result of aging.

Kocarrellis said: "Our findings could help us develop new strategies for fat cells to regenerate in wrinkled skin. This may give us a brand new anti-aging treatment."

Mon, 16 Jan 2017

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