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Haze Damage Reproductivity, Expert Say It Can Cause Sperm Quality Decline

Haze Damage Reproductivity, Expert Say It Can Cause Sperm Quality Decline

Haze, seems to have become a hot topic in our life. As we all know, haze will have a negative impact on the human respiratory system and will cause damage to the lungs. In fact, the haze will not only affect people's breathing, but also affect people's reproductive capacity. The expert said the harmful ingredients of haze will not only reduce the number of male sperm, but also affect the quality.

Technically speaking, the haze is actually a combined word, is referred to as fog and haze. Haze is caused by the accumulation of a large number of anthropogenic pollutants in the specific meteorological conditions. Studies have shown that high concentrations of fine particles (particle size less than or equal to 2.5btm particles, referred to as PM2.5) or aerosol pollution is the fundamental cause of haze. PM2.5 is not a single substance, but an extremely complex mixture of chemicals. The toxicity of different chemical composition was different. The known PM2.5 chemical composition is up to hundreds.

PM2.5 can be used as a carrier to adsorb bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms and gaseous pollutants. When inhaled the dust particles, piled up, it will affect the normal gas exchange, leading to the body's various organs hypoxia, the emergence of a large number of free radicals, these excess free radicals more precipitation oxygen consumption in the brain, heart, and other organs in relatively large genitalia.

Reproductive and urinary system is the fastest metabolism of human tissue, when inhaled particles from the outside into the human body blood circulation, the reproductive and urinary system was first affected.

The haze particles on the impact of male fertility, there are three main aspects:

One, an excess of free radicals disrupt the normal work of the hypothalamus, the hypothalamus controls the body's hormone secretion, once disturbed, it will change the level of androgen in men.

Two, the precipitation of excess free radicals in the testis, will affect sperm genetic material replication in the splitting process (cell membrane, mitochondria, DNA) , resulting in DNA segment dislocation, even deletion or mutation, leads to the decrease of the quantity and quality of sperm.

Three, these excess free radicals will induce mature sperm, accelerate into the state of apoptosis. Male sperm growth cycle, from the production, growth to the discharge, takes 90 days, if every day in a haze environment, by toxic substances, will affect the normal development of sperm.

Governance haze can not be immediate, it is necessary to talk about how to do self-protection. It is suggested that men should develop a good habit of daily life.

For example, stay away from tobacco. The results show that smoking not only affects the genetic quality of male sperm, but also affects the quality of epigenetics. In short, the risk of getting sick after a child's birth is increased if the sperm is not healthy.

In addition, men should not be sedentary everyday. Sedentary can increase the temperature of the scrotum, thereby affecting the production of sperm. If you have a computer that is a day of work, it is necessary to take the time to move, pour a glass of water, get up two steps.

Finally, men should drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables. At the same time, for a part of the needs of men, can also do a reproductive insurance, freeze their semen to prepare for possible period of want or need.

Thu, 12 Jan 2017

Post by Cindy Ding

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